Story Highlights

Dayta AI Limited

A young mind with a drive to succeed

Being young is both easy and difficult. Dayta AI Co-founder and CEO Patrick Tu had already been named a Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2021 when he was only 25 years old. But being young does not bring an age advantage to his entrepreneurship journey. “Dayta AI specialises in people flow analysis. We use AI to analyse consumer characteristics and behaviours by capturing and analysing CCTV images in shopping malls to help clients improve marketing strategies. Our team is very young. Many clients recognise us for doing things very aggressively. We are responsive to their feedback and make instant improvements to product features. But since our team is young, clients may think we are not experienced and not familiar with the industry. They may feel we are not reliable enough to be their partner because of this age-based stereotype.” 

Breaking the age barrier

The accelerator programme, however, opens Dayta AI doors to new opportunities. “To be honest, a lot of preparation has to be done to convince a developer to hand over an entire shopping mall to us to implement our solution. Through this accelerator programme, our solution can be deployed in Central Market. Chinachem Group has given us a lot of flexibility.”

“Located in the very heart of Hong Kong, Central Market is a bustling place jam-packed with people all the time. Being able to capture live data here in a real-world setting allows our AI algorithms to learn the behaviour of people of different demographics. With more insights into different behaviour patterns, we would be able to plan out future projects more accurately. This experience is indeed a rare opportunity for us.”

“During the collaboration, we liaised closely with various Chinachem Group departments as well as HKSTP. We listened carefully to their requirements, worked with them to meet their needs, and kept them well informed. These practical experiences are beneficial for our future business development,” Tu concludes.